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What is ERP?

   It means Enterprise Resource Planning and it is business process management software that allows an organization to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back office functions. ERP software typically integrates all the modules: sales, purchasing, inventory, asset management, account, manufacturing, human resource, project management, customer care, warranty and maintenance in single database, application and user interface. In addition to the ability to add any needed module for certain business and integrate it with other modules.


CRM Sales Purchasing
Support Projects Manufacturing
Asset Stock Education
Support Account Taxi Office


  Do you have special business requirements?

   Sometimes your business type is requiring to have special module to be added and integrated with other modules.

  Web Based

   Multiple users can use a web application at the same time without need to install software at client machine and also deliver superior performance and robustness. It is a very good solution for multi branches.

  Flexibility and Customization

   Whenever it is needed to add or remove fields or having special scenarios to handle certain cases, this is easily possible to be done.


   By Emails or SMS or Popup for certain events and conditions.


   This is useful feature in case there is repeating tasks that might need to be done on certain time or date and based on certain conditions.

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