Customer Care

Follow up
Inbound and Outbound

Usually the inbound scenario is clear for the users, but what is the purpose of the outbound scenario? It is to guarantee that the needed task (money collection or follow up complain) has been conducted with the customer because the dialer is dialing to numbers and the agent is only reviewing the customer information and talk with the customer and decide if to go for the next call or redial the call. Once call finished, the agent will select the call purpose from the disposition menu and decides if to schedule call back or not.

Routing, Waiting & Priorities

All calls and chats will be queued in queues as first step and then it will be routed intelligently to the agents, if there is no agent available then it will stay in the waiting to hear marketing or information announcements until an agent is becoming available or it will be treated as drop call if reached to the waiting timeout.

Ready, Pause & Operations
Agent Interface

The request should not be sent to the agent even if his/her phone is idle, because he might be not on his desk. The agent interface is used to do login, logout, ready, paused, call transfer, call park and un-park, displaying the caller information, call disposition menu and scheduling call back.

Monitoring & Management

Ability to hear the call again is important to review the conversation and confirming what did happen exactly. This feature is ensuring the quality of service and will help the business owner and managers to better understanding the market, monitoring the agent skills and rectify the marketing strategy and training the agent properly.

Monitoring & Management

Real time reporting and historical reports are available which is helping in taking decisions and manage the customer care team. It is possible to measure the agent and the contact center performance. All of this is enhancing your business image and helping you in the management and decisions.

Follow up

Send email notification to the team leader in the Drop calls and After Working Hours calls to treat them.

Customer Service & Profiling
Customer Information

Knowing who is calling you is helping to welcome him/her and knowing a basic information about his status because this will help to know how to drive the conversation.

Customer Relationship Management

Having CRM software with the call center and being integrated is important to display the customer information once the call reached to the agent, in addition to handle the customer request properly and follow up the cases to achieve the customer satisfaction.

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